About us
Every BODY's clear favorite
In 1999, Azbah become a Factory to introduce 5- gallon bottle in Madinah. We now have the largest distribution fleet in Madinah-KSA to make sure your water is delivered on time, every time.
Azbah Quality
Clean, healthy water. It's what our Factory was built on, and it's our number –one priority today..
Azbah Water delivery is free
Delivery of Azbah water is free to your home or office, grocery anywhere in Madinah province!.
So how pure is Azbah water?
Every single bottle of Azbah water is the result of a meticulous and exacting process. Using very sophisticated technology, each 5- gallon poly carbonate bottle is thoroughly washed and sanitized before filling by means of a painstaking 24-step process.

Pure water begins here
Azbah'24 station cleaning and bottling facility is fully automated and untouched by human hands. This ensures that you receive only the best quality water.

To ensure we meet our incredibly high standards of hygiene, we source the very best equipment from around the world and use a 24-station 5-gallon –bottle washer and filler. This is why we have been able to guarantee that our water is pure and hygienic Once the used bottles arrive back at the plant, the bottles go through a preliminary manual inspection for blemishes by our highly trained staff, which has a break every 20 minutes to make sure they keep their concentration. Then they are being loaded onto a conveyer belt,the bottle then undergoes another inspection by one of our trained staff, then go straight into a "clean hall" which is sterilized, and monitored regularly for any form of contamination in the air, or on the equipment. Where they are uncapped in the first stage.

The bottle then go into the 24 station washer, where they are rinsed, washed, soaked, blasted, rinsed, sanitized, and rinsed again just for good measure.

Once the bottles are filled, immediately they are capped, sealed and date coded. A tamper- evident sleeve is added to protect you and your family further. The bottle then undergoes another inspection by one of our trained staff, before it is being loaded onto trucks. The majority of bottles are delivered to your house within 48 hours of bottling!

Another filling line was newly introduced this year 2012 for pet 0.33 ml & 0.6 ml .